They will hold an online meeting to analyze legal aspects of Blockchain and cryptoactives

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Organized by CryptoResources, on May 27th at 19 (Argentina time), the open talk „Legal aspects of Blockchain and cryptoactives“ will be given by Santiago Eraso Lomaquiz.

„At Crypto Resources we continue to vary the content so that those who follow us at each event can incorporate new knowledge from the hands of great specialists“, explained the organizers. Thus, on this occasion, they will talk about the challenges of regulating cryptomonies.

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„Within the topics, the legal and regulatory aspects of cryptoactives will be reviewed, and then we will talk about the impact generated by the different tokens, ICOs, smart contracts, electronic signatures and Blockchain technology in general, within the legal system,“ they added.

It should be noted that Santiago Eraso Lomaquiz is a lawyer specialized in advising on information and communication technologies. He is also an associate at Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal. He also has experience as a university professor, speaker and author of several publications within his area.

Online meeting on accounting and tax aspects of cryptomonies in Argentina
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